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Chevy Chase Canyon








Welcome to the community website for Chevy Chase Canyon, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods; specifically those bordered by the 2, 134, and 210 freeways, as detailed in the map below.

This website was designed specifically for families who live in the area, or those contemplating on moving to the area, by your local real estate professionals: TEAM GREEN.  The goal of the website is to provide you with a destination for all things regarding our wonderful community.  It is a living, breathing site and we welcome your feedback.  Use the links below or to the left to navigate the site.  If there’s something you would like added, please let us know by using our “Contact Us” page, or, click here to send us an email.

The most notable features on the site are “Message Board” (a forum for local residents) and “Area Real Estate” (displays information regarding real estate for sale or lease in the immediate area).  Also handy are the “Community Links.” Check back often, as more content will be added on an ongoing basis.

Want a free community website for your area? We would be happy to create and host one for you.  Use the Contact Page to request one and we will work with you on the details.

The Chevy Chase Canyon Community Area

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